astro_gui API

reducer.astro_gui Module


Reduction(*arg, **kwd) Primary widget for performing a logical reduction step (e.g.
Combiner(*args, **kwd) Widget for displaying options for ccdproc.Combiner.
CosmicRaySettings(*args, **kwd)
Slice(*arg, **kwd)
CalibrationStep(*args, **kwd) Represents a calibration step that corresponds to a ccdproc command.
BiasSubtract([bias_image]) Subtract bias from an image using widget settings.
DarkSubtract([bias_image]) Subtract dark from an image using widget settings.
FlatCorrect([bias_image]) Subtract dark from an image using widget settings.
Overscan(*arg, **kwd) docstring for Overscan
Trim(*arg, **kwd) Controls and action for trimming a widget.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of reducer.astro_gui.Reduction, reducer.astro_gui.Combiner, reducer.astro_gui.CosmicRaySettings, reducer.astro_gui.Slice, reducer.astro_gui.CalibrationStep, reducer.astro_gui.BiasSubtract, reducer.astro_gui.DarkSubtract, reducer.astro_gui.FlatCorrect, reducer.astro_gui.Overscan, reducer.astro_gui.Trim